V-808 enameled wire stripper

model : V-808

power :25w

voltage : 110v/220v

weight : 0.75kg

wire range : 0.35mm-3.25mm

stripping length : 2-50mm


V-038 wire stripper

Copper Stripping Machine >> Hand Operate

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1 . Introduce:

V-808  Adopts the advanced electric paint scraper technology internationally, the whole by electronic variable speed and single-phase series motor and blades scraping paint composed of one, using lightweight and durable micro inching switch and Spin-Brush devices. Can facilitate freely and quickly scrape various enameled surface of the insulating film and not hurt its base, its performance is superior to the current domestic and foreign electric peeling paint means a scraper and traditional manual Knife, wheel sandpaper grinding, syrup corrosion , greatly improving the efficiency of wire bonding. With a paint scraper speed, high efficiency, simple operation, easy installation, high efficiency and innovative design and other notable features. The electrical, electronics, instrumentation, transformers, electronics, household appliances and electric tools, coil manufacturing and maintenance industry ideal tool for scraping paint.

 2 . Technical details:

wire range0.35mm-3.25mm
stripping length


3 . Pictures : 

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